BHS Creek

A rendering of students enjoying an outdoor classroom along a restored BHS Creek

BHS Creek:  An Opportunity to Showcase Water Stewardship for Present and Future Generations


Our Goal

Nearly 2000 students cross over Mandeville Creek in order to enter Bozeman High School every school day. Disguised by a straight channel, lawn vegetation, and culverts, few recognized this East Gallatin tributary as more than a ditch until Phase I of the restoration in Summer 2014. The volunteer-led BHS Stream Team is returning this resource to life in order to provide an outstanding educational setting for students.

Our goal: re-meander Mandeville Creek on the Bozeman High School campus in a manner that engages Bozeman High School students and the surrounding community in active stewardship of water quality and riparian habitat.

Why BHS Creek?

BHS Creek: an East Gallatin Tributary
BHS Creek: an East Gallatin Tributary

Located in the heart of Bozeman, and with public access along its length on the Bozeman High School and Montana State University campuses, Mandeville Creek offers an ideal setting to demonstrate ecological function in the rapidly urbanizing Gallatin Valley watershed.

As a key tributary to the East Gallatin River, the Creek once served as high quality aquatic and riparian habitat, hosting westslope cutthroat trout just 50 years ago. The last brown trout caught in the Creek over 20 years ago is in the Bozeman High School science department’s collection.

Restoration of a meandering stream channel is beautifying the campus of Bozeman High School, with native vegetation to stabilize stream banks and buffer creek inputs. Cooler stream temperatures, better water quality, and improved aquatic habitat should result.

Through our efforts, Mandeville Creek is becoming a model of responsible stewardship for our students and community.